Welcome to the blog page for Chewwok Interactive.

The journey started about eight years ago, I made the decision to become a game developer. This may not sound revolutionary, but having changed industries twice before (I was in music production, and technology before) this wasn’t a light decision to make. Using a piece of software called ‘Live Code’ (you haven’t heard of it – I don’t blame you) and going through some dodgy testing on my then, very new, iPhone 5, the day had come. I had completed and released my first game (creatively called ‘Catch the Train’) and it was successfully downloaded globally 10,000+ times. In retrospect, I am not ashamed to say there were faults – the game was constantly crashing, it got below average ratings and it didn’t even save your high score. Soon after release, I dissolved the company I had made the game under (Two Sore Thumbs) and went about my life.

Fast forward eight years

I can now say I am a different man having learned a lot from both past failures and successes, not to mention the many Unity courses I studied (more than I would like to remember)

Because of all this, and more, I am ready for part two of my indie game developer life. I rounded up some like-minded people and started a new company Chewwok, pronounced Chew Wok (banks actually wanted to lend me money this time around) and now, the work begins.

Saracens Realm

We are currently working on Saracens Realm. A board game, tabletop turn-based puzzle RPG. Much in the same vein as the GO games (Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go), however, this will incorporate battles with enemies using a system similar to the active-time battle system (found in games like the Final Fantasy series and the Grandia series). Demo to be released soon, so stay tuned for that.</p><br>

Catch the Train 2

While Saracens Realm comes together, I wanted to return to Catch The Train and port it to Unity using my new found knowledge. Catch the Train 2: Back on the Platform is a very simple mobile puzzle game which involves the player picking up a commuter and placing them on the correct open train door.